Adding some spice to your life may do more than enhance the flavor of foods!

In Ayurveda cinnamon is used in treating type II diabetes. Interestingly I read a study published by Diabetes Care who reports on people with type II diabetes. The patients were given differing daily amounts of cinnamon. Regardless of the amount of cinnamon they received, the study group reduced their blood glucose levels by 18 to 29 percent compared to those receiving a placebo.

They also experienced a reduction in their LDL (“bad”) cholesterol. Add cinnamon to your diet. If it works for you, cinnamon should be used as an adjunct to, but not a substitute for, other medications and lifestyle measures such as exercise, a healthy diet and shedding extra pounds – all of which are proven ways to help control glucose levels.

Smile, eat healthy and be good to yourself and your health!

About the author

Yoga instructor Sally Goldfinger
Sally Goldfinger runs authentic hatha yoga and ayurveda retreats around the world. Sally is leading a special yoga & ayurveda retreat in Kerala 5 – 19 January. For more information on Sally visit her websites Healthy Within and IONYOGA.